About STG

The Small Town Girl
Born and raised in small East Texas town, I learned first hand what it was like to not have to lock your doors at night. Weekends were spent cruising the strip with friends, where your parents found out if you did anything wrong before you ever even made it home.  After graduating college with a degree in Journalism, I made my way to the big city of Houston, Texas.  I spent the next 12 years mastering the art of becoming a city girl.  I married my boyfriend, made 2 cute babies and started the suburban life.

In 2010, our family made the very difficult decision to uproot and move to our family's 400 acre farm in the metropolis of Lewisville, Arkansas.  To say I was ill-prepared for the life that lay ahead would be an understatement.  We have since  added another sweet cutie pie to our family!

I am learning to embrace the farm-life. I've traded heels for boots and my days of running ragged have been replaced with quiet nights on the porch. 
our farm at sunset

I wish I could say I have always loved to sew and that my grandmother taught me as I sat at her feet when I was a little girl, but I would be lying. Sewing and I have always had a love/hate relationship. I loved it, it hated me. After moving from Houston to my husband's family farm in Arkansas a few years ago, I was forced to find something to save my sanity. Sewing and I met again. This time, we clicked.

I love fabric and vintage style clothing, but with a modern twist. I don't love dressing my kids (or yours) in feed sacks and burlap, but something about the past just adds some innocence back into today's clothing styles.

I try to sew everything myself, however I do have a small team of girls who help me when things get crazy up in here. They are sometimes better than me.

Small Town Girls Clothier began by accident, and is still going strong. One day when I'm famous I will have a better story for you all...maybe one more interesting. Until then, shop to your heart's content.